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Planned Litters
Last Updated: Nov 27, 2023

We breed for the following:

F1 Goldendoodles (Golden Retriever to Poodle)

Size range: 25 to 60 pound range depending on the parents

F1B Goldendoodles (F1 Goldendoodle to Poodle)

Size range: 20 to 50 pound range depending on the parents

F1 Cavapoo (King Charles Cavalier to Poodle)

Size range: 15 to 40 pound range depending on the parents

PLEASE NOTE: our breeding plans are based on what our wait list families are waiting for.

We encourage you to read the FAQ page that answers most common questions.

Most Goldendoodle puppies will be a shade of red but we do have others that are on the lighter golden/white side too - it just depends on the parents and Mother Nature. We mostly place our puppies based on temperament testing, which is done on day 49 but can obviously take your "look & gender" into consideration as well.

Our Cavapoos will be in shades of red, red & white parti, phantom, merle & sable.

We are very committed to each and every puppy that is raised in our home and will only place them with families we feel 110% comfortable with! We do not just simply ship puppies - I need to know my families personally and so our screening process is more rigorous than most.

To help ensure the long-term health and happiness of our beloved puppies, each family will have to sign a legally binding non-breeding contract prior to taking their puppy home. You must also sign and agree that no matter what, at anytime and under all circumstances if you can not care for your Red Maple Doodle puppy/dog you MUST contact me & we will make every effort to help with rehoming it! We place our puppies based on Temperament Testing scores and family fit, so all dogs must be reassessed and then placed in a home based on their individual needs at that time.

Check back soon!!
We will be posting more forecasted breeding's as they arise

Coco & Brady - Purebred Poodles

Birth Date: approx December 2023

Go Home Date: approx February 2024

Approx Size Range: 20-30 pounds

Colour: solid red & perhaps some solid red with very minimal white markings

Coat Type: Typical Poodle coat

Price: $500 (this litter is for Guardianship so future Poodles for our breeding program - this is not our typical price. Free placement to anyone already with a Red Maple Doodles puppy/dog

Coco now.jpg

Coco - mama

Brady 3.png

Brady - papa

Availability: Now taking applications. I expect some very stunning Poodles that will most often get mistaken for a Doodle - they have full tails, short muzzles and very plush coats!! They will be super smart, loving and expect some to be on the milder side of temperament like their mama Coco and some will be more outgoing like Brady.

Skylar & Cash - F1 Cavapoos

Birth Date: mid January 2024

Go Home Date: mid March 2024

Approx Size Range: 13-15+ pounds (expecting under 20 pounds)

Colour: solid red with some minimal white markings

Cash logo.jpg

Cash - papa

Skylar 2.jpg

Skylar - mama

Availability: Now taking applications. 

Oakley & Rory - F1 Cavapoos

Birth Date: late January 2024

Go Home Date: late March 2024

Approx Size Range: 17-25 pounds

Colour: solid red, red & white parti, tri parti, phantom 


Oakley - mama

Rory logo.jpg

Rory - papa

Availability: Now taking applications. 

Shadow & Rory - F1 Cavapoos

Birth Date: approx February 2024

Go Home Date: appox April 2024

Approx Size Range: 25-35 pounds 

Colour: solid red, red & white parti, phantom & 50% of the litter will be merle

Rory logo.jpg

Rory - papa

shadow logo.jpg

Shadow- mama

Availability: Now taking applications.

Nellie & Brady - F1 Goldendoodles

Birth DateJan/Feb 2024

Go Home Date: March/April 2024

Approx Size Range: 35-45 pounds

Colour: shades of red

Availability: Now taking applications - we have a select few spots left on their list

Brady 3.png

Brady - papa

Nellie 2.jpg

Nellie- mama

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