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Coat Type

Here at Red Maple Doodles we breed two generations of Goldendoodles - the F1 which is a Golden Retriever mom to a Poodle and an F1B, which is a mature F1 mom to a Poodle dad.


We also breed F1 Cavapoos, which is a Cavalier King Charles to a Poodle.

F1 Goldendoodle

Typically F1's are for those families that don't have any allergy concerns, want the Golden Retriever personality but without the massive amount of shedding and love the loose, wavy look. Most people with mild to moderate allergies can handle living with an F1 but it all depends on the severity of the allergies.

F1 Goldendoodles typically shed about 5 to 10% of what a Golden Retriever sheds but each puppy is an individual and we obviously can't guarantee this.

For an excellent example of what our F1 coats look like have a look at Piper & Kona at 8 weeks of age (left) and again in their adult coat (right). We are very well known for our outstanding looking dogs with expectational coat types.

Autumn and Brady yellow collar pup.jpg
Autumn puppy 5.jpg
autumn brady christmas pup 10 months old.jpg

F1B Goldendoodle

F1B's are for those families that have allergy concerns and want to ensure their family doesn't have any reaction, still want the Golden Retriever personality but without any shedding and like an open to tighter curl. Most everyone with allergy concerns can handle living with an F1B.

F1B litters have an interesting genetic split and in any litter you will get puppies that have more curl and some less. This is Mother Nature and we never know how many of each we will have. The "curlier coated" puppies will have more curl and require more brushing where as the "flatter coated" puppies will have curl but it will be much more open and loose. Tamara Gordon's review below on their f1b puppy is based on Teva who has a "flatter coat", which means you don't have to have the curliest puppy to get the most hypoallergenic puppy.

F1 Goldendoodles shed about 5 to 10% of what a Golden Retriever sheds but each puppy is an individual and we obviously can't guarantee this.

For an excellent example of what an F1B coat looks like have a look at Clifford when he was about 8 weeks of age (left) and then again in his adult coat (right):

F1 Goldendoodle Puppy
F1 Goldendoodle wearing a bandana

Here is an excellent example of Arrow who is one of our curly F1B puppies at 10 weeks of age (left) and as an adult (right):

Stitch arrow from Lula & Chip f1b girl.jpg
arrow adult.jpg

Grooming Considerations

No matter what coat type you have, your Goldendoodle can look significantly different depending on how they are groomed! My best suggestion is to do a Google search, find all the photos you like, print them off and leave them with your groomer - don't just show them but leave them a copy! I often have people saying they want a Goldendoodle that looks just like one of our Doodles and mostly, it comes down to grooming and length of coat. If you keep them groomed short they will look curlier but if you grow their coat out they will look wavy. You have to ensure you are brushing at least a few times a week if you want it to be longer!! They mat and it's very painful, so please ensure you are doing a good job with your brushing.

Nutritional Considerations

Nutrition also plays a large part in how much dander your Goldendoodle will have. If you feed a lower quality dry food then their skin will be more flaky and dry, whereas if you are feeding raw with oils their skin and fur will be softer and very healthy. Consider if you only ever ate McDonalds all day, everyday....your skin would be broken out, you would feel mentally sluggish, rundown, and not at your best. Now consider how much better you look and feel when eating lots of fruits and veggies, organic meats...two completely different looks and outcomes! It's the same for your beloved dog too!

Goldendoodle or Labradoodle?

I often get asked what the difference is between a Goldendoodle and a Labradoodle. The biggest difference in an F1 Labradoodle is they shed a LOT!! Most people have no idea and are thinking they are getting a mostly non-shedding dog! Their coat is also typically very course to the touch as they come into their adult coat. An F1 Goldendoodle typically has the soft, fluffy coat that they are known for and typically shed 5 to 10% of what a Golden Retriever does. Genetics plays a big role and rarely you may end up with a coat that is slightly different.

When it comes to personality you MUST find a breeder that highly regards their dogs personalities!!! I have seen many a hyper Golden Retriever, Poodle, Lab, Pomeranian, Doberman...the list goes on! If your breeder is using high energy dogs then that's most likely what your puppy will turn out to be!! Here at Red Maple Doodles our dogs are top quality, have balanced personalities and energy. We watch our breeding outcomes very carefully and have removed healthy dogs from our program because they haven't been a fit for us.

You should feel trust, confidence and have that "gut" feeling about the breeder you choose to work with!

Testimonials from Loving Dog Parents

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