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Puppy Application

Thank you for your interest in Red Maple Doodles!

We take the placement of our puppies very seriously and therefore want to know as much about you as possible. Please take the time to fill in the Puppy Application with as much detail as possible!


We will only be contacting those that appear to be an initial fit with us

and could take up to 1 week or more to reach you.

We currently have an approximate wait time of available now to 4 months.

Application Form

What type of Doodle puppy are you hoping for:
Do you fully understand & agree that the Puppy Application Fee you place is non-refundable & that if after 18 months you do not have your puppy then your Puppy Application Fee will no longer be valid. Please note that we are willing to work with our families to extend your Application to a maximum of 24 months but this MUST be agreed to by both the family and breeder, prior to the 18 month cut off
It is a requirement that prior to taking your puppy home that you sign a legally binding, non-breeding contract and agree to have your puppy spayed/neutered prior to nine months of age. Do you understand and agree to this statement?

Thank you so much for considering Red Maple Doodles.

If we feel there is an initial fit with us we will contact you for a phone interview to potentially start the process.

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