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Love Notes from Our Goldendoodle and Cavapoo Families

We have been researching and searching for Goldendoodles so we found you guys through extensive Google searching! We are SO blown away by your passion and expertise. We had several tabs open for other breeders to still read but after reading through your website, we closed everything else. There is nowhere else we would want our fur baby to come from.

Janelle S - Luna Rayne's owner (f1b Goldendoodle)
You are such a fantastic person, Lisa!! You are an inspiration to the people that are fortunate enough to spend time with you! Your philosophy regarding the entire process is second to none! Boy! Do we ever feel blessed to now know you and we're thankful everyday for all you do to nurture and guide the developing puppies, but also the families that become attached. Thank you
Karena B - Harley's owner (f1b Goldendoodle)

I feel like I have won some sort of lottery meeting you and your puppies!


Jennifer - Max's owner (F1 Goldendoodle)

We looked at many different places for a golden doodle. What drew us at first to Red Maple was the amount of information on their website and the obvious amount of thought that had gone into everything they had available for anyone to read. Once I talked to Lisa about her approach to breeding and raising dogs I couldn't wait to meet her and her dogs. From our first visit we felt welcome to stay and ask as many questions as we could think of. Every visit was a real pleasure and the dogs at Red Maple are amazing family dogs.


The whole process of being part of the birth and the early weeks of our puppy have made all the difference in making our puppy feel so much a part of who we are. Getting to know Lisa and her family as well as some of the other families as we all visited with the puppies was awesome. I never expected that we would have so much participation in those weeks. When it was time to take our puppy home we really felt ready and also knew that Lisa was there in case we had any questions. Our puppy is exactly what we wanted and we love him very much.

Thank you Red Maple and Lisa - you are the best!!

I researched dog breeds and breeders for almost 2 years before finding Red Maple Doodles. Strangely enough, what brought me to Red Maple Doodles were the absolutely gorgeous photos of Ellie's first litter of red moyen poodle puppies earlier this Spring. At that time, not only did I have little interest in poodles, but all things being equal, they probably would have been very low on my list of potential dogs to add to our family.


That said, I had decided that a golden doodle would be a good choice for our family as a compromise - golden retrievers are my favourite but I felt one would be too large and too sheddy for our smallish home in Vancouver. When I followed the photos of those remarkable red poodles to Lisa's website, imagine my surprise to see that Lisa also bred golden doodles! After a phone conversation with Lisa, the decision was made. She was so warm and so knowledgable. Most of all, she was clearly far more concerned with the health of her dogs and puppies, and the responsibility of finding the best fit for a family, than with just selling puppies. This was clearly her passion.


Once we made our decision put ourselves on the wait list for Lisa's next litter of golden doodles, the fun began. Lisa involved us in every step of the process starting from conception through to the moment we took our Ruby home. Once the puppies were born, Lisa and her incredibly generous family welcomed us into their home to bond with the pups, to learn, and to share laughs. Watching our puppy grow from week to week was a treat I never anticipated and I had so much fun. Now that we have Ruby at home, we couldn't be happier. The time and effort Lisa puts into her dogs and her puppies result in highly socialized, highly trainable, sweet, playful, affectionate puppies. We are thrilled with ours, and I can't wait to follow Lisa's future breeding plans to see what wonderful pets other families will be lucky enough to bring home. I highly, whole-heartedly recommend Lisa and Red Maple Doodles."

Jennifer W - Ruby's owner (f1b Goldendoodle)

This process of adding onto our family has been absolutely positive from beginning to end.We first met Lisa and her family when our puppy litter was 2 weeks old and we fell in love at first sight. Since then, our family of five as well as extended family has been visiting their home at least weekly while we were waiting until our puppy was finally old enough to come home.


We were always welcomed with warm smiles and hospitality, and Saturday morning coffee quickly became our weekly ritual . We came to look forward not only to seeing our future puppy, but to spending time with Lisa and Craig where she was always so willing to share some of her wealth of puppy knowledge. Their open door policy truly allowed us to bond and spend time with our puppy, and also gave us great peace of mind knowing that our puppy was in good care.Over the 6 weeks of our weekly or bi-weekly visitations, we always left knowing more than when we arrived.


Lisa's passion for the dogs is obvious to anyone who has the privilege of spending time with her. She truly goes the extra mile in every way. From the diet she chooses, to the potty training she starts immediately, to the neurological stimulation, to the temperament testing to ensure a good fit for puppy and family... Everything is done out of pure love for these animals.


These are not dogs that are stuck in a garage waiting until they are 8 weeks and can leave... They are in the kitchen and part of a family home receiving lots of love and cuddles from Lisa's adorable children. For our family with 3 young children, having our puppy exposed to the sounds of daily life and being exposed since birth to young children was invaluable!


Lisa did everything humanly possible to give these puppies the best chance at being social, healthy, and happy puppies.


She had us bring crates to her home when it was nearing the time we could take them home. She asked for things with our scent so she could start crate training the pups individually and getting them used to our scent.She spent sleepless nights trying to prepare these puppies for their transition to their forever homes, though it would have been much easier for her to let us figure it out ourselves!


We brought our gorgeous golden doodle boy home, and it has been an unbelievably smooth transition.We are following the errorless house training methods from a book that Lisa recommended, and our 8 week old puppy had a flawless first day! He has gone outside to eliminate in a designated area over the last 12 hours and hasn't even used the indoor potty mat that he was trained on. He actually went to the door and whimpered to go out where he promptly pooped in just the right spot!He plays independently in his play area, and has been happily sleeping off and on in his crate all day!


I can't describe how thrilled our whole family is with our newest family member... And I can whole heartedly recommend Red Maple Doodles as a breeder in a league of her own'!

Lisa A, Nacho's owner (f1b Goldendoodle)

Thank you for helping me achieve a long-held wish, and thank you for making the journey so much more fun than I ever could have hoped.


Jennifer W - Ruby's owner (f1b Goldendoodle)

close up shot of a goldendoodle looking into camera with cherry blossoms in the background

Happy Paws, Happy Homes:
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