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last updated April 24, 2023

FUTURE PLANS BEYOND WHAT IS LISTED BELOW:  we breed for our families that have placed a deposit with us and are on our wait list. When there's enough demand we will certainly commit to a pairing but our ethical eye ensures that we are not over breeding and will bypass breeding's that are currently not in demand. If you are interested in one of the pairings below please submit an application, so you don't miss out.

Bella & Charlie - F1 Merle Cavadoodles

BIRTH DATE: mid April

GO HOME DATE: June 9, 2023

APPROX SIZE RANGE: 15-20 pound range

COLOUR: 3 red & 1 black

COAT TYPE: Typical F1 coats - wavy

GENDER: 4 females

AVAILABILITY: now taking applications - we do
have a wait list but have ONE spot available

Cedar & Cash - F1 Goldendoodles

BIRTH DATE: approx June 2023

GO HOME DATE: approx last week of July 2023

APPROX SIZE RANGE: 30-40 pound range

COLOUR: medium to deep dark red

AVAILABILITY: now taking applications.

We do have a wait list but suspect there

will be a few spots available on this litter list

Skylar & Bruno - F1 Cavadoodles

BIRTH DATE: approx mid June 2023

GO HOME DATE: approx mid August 2023

APPROX SIZE RANGE: 15-20 pound range

COLOUR: red, red & white parti, phantom

and 50% of the litter will be merle

AVAILABILITY: now taking applications.

We do have a wait list but suspect there

will be most spots available at this time


GUARDIANSHIP FEMALE OR MALE (a future mama/papa in the RMD program)

BIRTH DATE: end of March 2023

GO HOME DATE: end of May 2023 (she will be 8 weeks when she is ready to go home)

APPROX SIZE RANGE: 40-45 pounds for a female and 45-50 pounds for a male

COLOUR: medium to dark red

COAT TYPE: minimal seasonal shedding (our Retriever's shed much less than the average)

AVAILABILITY: now taking applications

PURCHASE OPTION: we are open to selling a male puppy - please contact us for pricing

PRICE: $500 (this is not our price to purchase one of our puppies but it is in this case as this female puppy will be a future RMD mama and will whelp puppies once she matures and passes her physical health testing - she has already been cleared genetically). We would also be open to placing a male puppy as well, so once he passes his physical health testing he would become a papa in our program. We would use the male on a very limited basis.

This is a repeat breeding from last year, so the photos below are the look we expect these puppies to mature into. We typically interview families in the lower mainland BUT we are open to a little further afar - for the right family we will consider the Okanagan or Vancouver Island.


If you currently have a Red Maple Doodles dog from us then the placement fee is waived and she will go home with you for FREE!!


















Cedar smile.jpg

Cedar - mama

Cash logo.jpg

Cash - papa

kesita3 logo.jpg
Kesita 3 logo.jpg
Ellie GR.jpg
Mabel pup.jpg
Mabel adult.jpg
review new5.jpg
Skylar 2.jpg

Skylar- mama

Bruno 2.jpg

Bruno - papa

review post.jpg
Bella's 4 girls.jpeg
review 2.jpg

"What a gift it's been to our family that we "discovered" Red Maple Doodles on-line and so found the perfect place for us to get our new family member.We feel so lucky to have a puppy who was born of two beautiful gentle dogs into a household of love and nurturing care.


I've enjoyed every chance I've had to observe your generous spirit and your loving kindness towards your family, your dogs and the families who come to you for their puppy.


I realize what a privilege it's been to get to know you all over the last eight weeks, and to spend time relaxing with the puppies and learning from you how to handle them so they grow and learn happily. It's been wonderful!


I certainly hope we'll be able to visit you again and that you'll have the opportunity to come and visit with us - only an hour away by car! Although I know how busy your lives are; I don't know how you do all you do"!


Deirdre's family

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