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"What a gift it's been to our family that we "discovered" Red Maple Doodles on-line and so found the perfect place for us to get our new family member.We feel so lucky to have a puppy who was born of two beautiful gentle dogs into a household of love and nurturing care.


I've enjoyed every chance I've had to observe your generous spirit and your loving kindness towards your family, your dogs and the families who come to you for their puppy.


I realize what a privilege it's been to get to know you all over the last eight weeks, and to spend time relaxing with the puppies and learning from you how to handle them so they grow and learn happily. It's been wonderful!


I certainly hope we'll be able to visit you again and that you'll have the opportunity to come and visit with us - only an hour away by car! Although I know how busy your lives are; I don't know how you do all you do"!


Deirdre's family