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HOME is where the dog is!

We strongly believe that every dog deserves to know the unconditional love and freedom of being part of a loving family.


Along with loving & trusted families, we participate in a Guardian Home breeding program. This means that we have a few dogs that live in our home and others that are placed with their forever families but remain part of our breeding for a period of time. Once they are finished, they are then spayed/neutered and stay in their forever home. This type of breeding program ensures that NONE of our dogs ever end up being put into a Kennel situation and live a happy, loving family life!


If you consider that studies have shown that when an expectant mother is petted, the litter is more docile, then doesn't it make sense to only ever get a puppy from a breeder that considers their dogs as loved family pets first!! The actual petting and love they receive in their homes activates the parasympathetic system, which facilitates relaxation, emotional attachment and socialization! Puppies from a loved mother have a greater tolerance to being handled than puppies from mothers who lack love and affection!

As a Guardian Home you get "pick of the litter" which is usually the puppies breeders keep for themselves and you get your loving, forever pet. You are responsible for the usual expenses of feeding, vetting and the rest that goes along with having a dog but we pay for breeding costs and testing involved. You must also live within 100 kms of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Due to travel limitations we do not place our Guardian puppies/dogs on Vancouver Island or others.

We typically place our puppies at 8 weeks of age but all available Guardianship puppies will be listed on our Available Now tab. If you are seriously wanting to be considered as a Guardian home please fill out our Puppy Application and state that it is for Guardianship. We look forward to hearing from you and will be in touch to set up a phone interview.


Please ensure to like us on FaceBook and YouTube as well! You will find lots of photos, comments and updates.


Thank you for your interest in our Guardianship program. Please copy & paste the questions below into an email, fill in as much detail as possible to help us get to know you and/or your family better and send it to


We ONLY take applications for puppies/dogs currently listed on our "Available NOW" page. Please check back often! Applications are reviewed & responded to within a 4 week time period depending on what is happening behind the scenes. Also, please note that we only place our Guardianship puppies/dogs within 100 kms of the lower mainland and unfortunately we do not place on Vancouver Island.

First & last names of all family members:

Email address:

Best phone number to reach you:

Do you have children & if so what are their ages:

Full address including postal code:

Occupation & employer:

What type of Guardianship puppy/dog are you hoping for:

Have you ever had to rehome a pet before & if so please explain:

Do you have a fenced yard - if not please explain:

Where do you plan to have your puppy/dog sleep at night:

Where will your dog be during business hours or when you are not home:

How much time do you have to give a puppy/dog & how will you meet its exercise requirements:

Are you willing to take your puppy to obedience class and if so where:

Would you be willing to feed your puppy/dog raw food:

Have you ever crate trained a puppy/dog and what is your philosophy on it:

Tell us why you are interested in our Guardianship program:

Please tell us about your previous dog experience:

If there is anything else you would like us to know please share it here:

Thank you so much for considering Red Maple Doodles!!

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