Puppy Plans

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For those families that fill out an application, we will be pleased to discuss future breeding's with you that may be in your time frame of getting a puppy, based on your deposit date.

We are planning F1 breedings in the 30 to 50 pound range, which includes all shades of red to deep red. The coat types will be typical shaggy/loose as an excellent example of Kacey's photo above.

We are planning f1b breedings in the size range of 15 to 25 pound range, 20 to 30 pound range, 25 to 35 pound range and 35 to 50 pound range, which includes all shades of apricot, red and deep red. We typically get white patches in the chest, head and toes.

We focus on producing medium sized F1 Goldendoodles around 15 - 50 pounds or so and mini f1b's can range from 15 - 50 pounds - it depends on who the parents are. Most puppies will be a shade of red but we do have others that are on the lighter golden/white side too - it just depends on the parents and Mother Nature. We mostly place our puppies based on temperament testing that is done on day 49 but can obviously take your "look" into consideration as well.

We are very committed to each and every puppy that is raised in our home and will only place them with families we feel 110% comfortable with! We do not just simply ship puppies - I need to know my families personally and so our screening process is more rigorous than most.

To help ensure the long-term health and happiness of our beloved puppies, each family will have to sign a legally binding non-breeding contract prior to taking their puppy home. You must also sign and agree that no matter what, at anytime and under all circumstances if you can not care for your Red Maple Doodle puppy/dog you MUST contact me & we will make every effort to help with rehoming it! We place our puppies based on Temperament Testing scores and family fit, so all dogs must be reassessed and then placed in a home based on their individual needs at that time.

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We are ONLY taking Guardianship applications at this time. Please follow us on Facebook where we will announce the next opening date for our Puppy Application.

I was going to call you yesterday, and then I typed out about 5 different emails and then deleted them! I can't even find the words and then I just start crying!

Puppy is a perfect fit for our family!

He just has all of these small little traits that just come together. I've had a calm puppy before, but there's just that extra something with Puppy. I want to say balanced or stable but that's not the right word. If I had to design a "perfect dog" in my head, that's Puppy! 

He is completely unbothered by the chaos of three young kids. We had guests for a few minutes earlier and the kids were super excited running around loud and crazy, and Puppy was just so chill, like he acknowledged that the guests were here, and he let them pet him, then just came to see what I was up to, and in the middle of all of that chaos, he was just him, like he wasn't overly excited or anxious or avoiding the guests or following them around in their face or biting at their ankles. 

His bite inhibition...I wouldn't have ever ever expected it from a 8 week old puppy! He immediately responds to the smallest correction in just the most positive, chillest way. He's so people focused, but not in an over anxious way, he just likes us and wants to know what we are doing and if he can join us. 

He sits for his leash, he immediately picked up on going potty in the yard, he only fusses in his kennel at night to go out or if he hears someone get out of bed. When it's time for him to hang out in his pen area he fusses for about 20 seconds, then just plays or takes a nap. 

I could keep going on and on but I'm sure you already know all of this, because I bet that all of your puppies are this amazing! 

John is doing well with him. He's a bit nervous because a lot of other dogs have reacted really poorly to him, but Puppy is just the exact same with John as he is with every other person, which is really making John feel good, and he likes that Puppy sits in his lap. John was so so worried that Puppy wouldn't like him.

I can't even express how grateful I am for everything you've put into raising this cute little guy! Also all of the crazy last minute arrangements to make this happen and being so so kind and hospitable to Andy. He has nothing but fantastic things to say about you and your family.

We cannot thank you all enough for opening your home and hearts to us, during this puppy adoption process! We feel blessed to have met you and we look forward to getting to know you even better!! We are SO thankful.

Harley's family

Thank you for allowing us into your home, thank you for sharing your joy and love of dogs and family with us.


You have been so welcoming and generous with your time and your home space.


We are grateful and very thankful to have met you all!


Ruby's family