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Introducing RMD's


F1 Mini & Medium Size

Why the Cavadoodle you ask???

Well, first of it Cavadoodle, Cavapoo, Cavoodle...we call it Cavadoodle but it's all the same in the end...a King Charles Cavalier crossed with a Poodle! So, back to the question of WHY the Cavadoodle? It all goes back many years and a conversation I had with Dr. Barkasy at Newton Animal Hospital. I was in health testing one of my dogs and we were having another one of our fascinating conversations about dog breeding and the likes. He was chatting about the amazing dogs I have in my program and said how much he adores the Golden Retriever and said "in my mind the two happiest dog breeds out there are the Golden Retriever & the King Charles Cavalier". It stuck with me...for a very LONG time and I still reflect on that. I want happy, loving, sweet puppies in my program and I knew one day I would be breeding the Cavapoo, so here we are!

What size are your F1 Cavadoodles?

We are only breeding F1's at this time and expect them to be in the 10-20 pound range and 20-30 pound range as well.

Poppy 3.jpg
Charlie logo.jpg

Poppy & Charlie's Previous F1 Cavapoo:

Purple girl 2.jpg
Pink girl.jpg
Mint girl 2.jpg
Poppy CD2.jpg
Skylar 2.jpg
Cash logo.jpg

Skylar & Cash Previous Cavapoos

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